Food Tasting



Andrew and his team catered our wedding on August 26th, 2017. During our struggle to find a caterer we stumbled upon Hotel Banquet on yelp and decided to try their sample dinner night. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it, however my wife and her family went instead and were impressed with the quality and tasting of food. They enjoyed it so much that my wife scheduled another sample meal night and brought me along with her. During that night we had several courses from a fruit plate to ribeye and walnuts to steamed fish. Everything I had that night was amazing so we decided to book. Andrew insisted we do regular dinner style catering if possible but at our venue we could only do a buffet setting. His reasoning is that buffet style requires the food to be kept warm for a longer period of time thus reducing the quality of the foods and even ruins some dishes all together. We decided to press on anyway and ordered a wide array of foods for our reception. The day before the wedding, Andrew invited us over for lunch to go over any last minute details. What we didn't expect was a full meal with two huge plates all on him. Salt and pepper shrimp and shrimp and mushrooms were amazing. On the wedding night, I wasn't able to try much food however I did taste the peking duck and it was perfect. Throughout the dinner service i walked around and got feedback on the food and no one had anything negative to say. After the dinner service, the catering team packed up all the left overs into boxes for guests to take home so nothing went to waste and our guests were able to enjoy the food again. I highly recommend Andrew and his team for their fair prices, great food, and awesome services.

Thank you Andrew!

Kay and Anthony

Tony P.
Camp Pendleton North, CA
Event Date: August, 2017

My Santa Barbara wedding was perfect! I will definitely be working with Andrew and his team again...

After becoming thrilled and newly engaged, my fiance and I wasted no time in planning our wedding. We both fell in love with Santa Barbara and many memories shared on our first date there, so it seemed perfect to plan our summer wedding on the coast however there seemed to be one major problem; there are no Chinese caterers (or at least none that we preferred) in beautiful Santa Barbara.

We met with several caterers here in OC and were thrilled with not only Hotel Banquets effort to travel a bit north for our wedding, but were blown away by the delicious tasting and presentation that we experienced prior to our big day. The superb 10 course meal, excellent hosting, and versatility that Andrew and his team provided was above and beyond. With the majority of my family being vegetarian and pescatarian, Andrew not only changed a few items on the menu for my family and friends but he also made suggestions on dishes that not only fulfilled our requests but offered amazing presentation as well. Plating portions are larger than anything I had experienced at other weddings, plates came out sizzling hot, and each dish was flavorful and cooked perfectly. A lot of brides may say they weren't able to eat on their wedding day, but I made sure to enjoy each dish since I looked forward to it from our previous tasting.

Andrew always reassured me that everything would be taken care of and to relax and stress less. Of course planning a wedding in Santa Barbara when I'm local to OC isn't relaxing whatsoever, Andrew never failed to communicate with my husband and I, he answered all our questions in a timely manner, and each time we met before our wedding he always treated us as family rather than a customer.

Thank you again Andrew and team for not only providing us with an excellent meal and amazing service, but a memorable experience that met all expectations.

Samantha G.
Garden Grove, CA
Event Date: July, 2017

I had an amazing experience using them for my most recent wedding reception, the diversity of food, authenticity of its true Chinese roots are unforgettable The manager Andrew is amazing in organization and discussing the best deal with you. He is also very connected with wedding venues and I sincerely appreciated how he pointed us to an ideal location. The food portions are great and plenty of guests enjoyed them

Xu H.
Yucaipa, CA
Event Date: June, 2017

Amazing lobster, walnut shrimp, and vegetable. Every item is fresh and big portion.

The dinning area is clean and the space is big.

Easy parking in front of the restaurant.

Great and professional services.

I would recommend to stop by and take a look at this restaurant.

Fu J.
Parsippany, NJ
Event Date: June, 2017

Great food & presentation. Would highly recommend companies, bridal parties and other groups looking to cater Asian food for their functions. Andrew and his team does an incredible job to ensure that they provide the best quality and quantity. You can't go wrong with them!

Julia H.
Garden Grove, CA
Event Date: May, 2017

I had my 26th birthday preparty at this place, the owner is a very nice guy and he made a custom menu for my 6 table party, seafood dish and steak is fresh and tastey. Nice place to have family party and catering.

Alex C.
Las Vegas, NV
Event Date: February, 2017

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! The food was excellent. Everyone loved it. Tony and his team were awesome. They go beyond what is expected. We can't ask for more than that.

We worked with Andrew most of the time. He always say, DON'T WORRY, WE'LL TAKE CARE OF YOU! " and he did. He not only promised quality food and service, he delivered care and love like that of a family.

Thank you so much !! You made my daughter's 18th bday a wonderful one!

Art Marjorie M.
Anaheim, CA
Event Date: February, 2017

We are so blessed to have Grace Catering be part of our party. Andrew is friendly, wise, and professional. He advised tips to make our party unforgettable. He also helped us to make a special dish, which is not included in the menu, and our guests were amazed!! The food was great and staffs were awesome. Thank you Grace Catering!

Grace C.
Chino, CA
Event Date: February, 2017

If you are in search for Asian Cuisine for your catered event, look no further than Grace Catering of Garden Grove. As the rental coordinator of a 400+ capacity venue in San

Diego, I have had the opportunity to observe the operations as well as partake in the fare of many catering companies. With Grace Catering, I was blown away by the service, quality, variety and the freshness of their savory offerings. Andrew Wang, the owner and master chef of Grace Catering is a professional and master of his craft. He is a "straight-shooter" who will advise you with his ultimate goal of making your experience a happy one and that your guests leave with smiles on their faces.

I was astonished that their dishes were vibrant and plentiful. The green vegetables were crisp and bright as opposed to the limp and wilted offerings of many companies even those who are local in contrast to Grace Catering which is about 100 miles away. I was impressed with their professional and smiling staff who were not only courteous and efficient, but very accommodating to the guests.

It is hard to do justice to the quality, quantity and savory taste of the food by writing about it. The trays of food were brimming, hot and diverse. Many of the food offerings I have seen by other caterers resemble that of "all you can eat" buffets...but this is not the case here. Some of the dishes were enhanced by such diverse additions as lotus roots, black fungus and plenty of black mushrooms.

I was so impressed with this company that I strongly recommended them to my Church (the oldest Chinese church in San Diego at 139 years old) to cater the annual Chinese New Year Dinner. It was a risky move for me to buck tradition as we normally hired chefs to come in and prepare the food and had the youth serve as waiters. The results? It was a stellar success!!! We received so many compliments from the attendees from the uniqueness of the food offerings, the attentiveness of the staff even to the diversity of the drink station! I even observed their staff assisting with carrying plates for those who were less ambulatory because of physical challenges. That was the first year. The subsequent year, we used them again and we had to unfortunately, for the first time in our history, turn away guests because we were at the maximum capacity. If results are any indication of performance, Grace Catering has under promised and over delivered. I asked the owner, Andrew Wang, the key to his success and he told me that he uses top grade ingredients and is committed to making everyone happy (and all without MSG).

Phillip L.
San Diego, CA
Event Date: February, 2017

I was able to attend Riverside's pre Lunar Festival dinner where I was able to witness the ability of Andrew as he was able to provide a full 10 course meal to 400 guests. He has demonstrated that he is fully capable of handling any level of event with a strong logistical ability! Not only was his skills proven, his food was delicious! Usually my standards and expectations for catering are quite low but after this experience my expectations have rose.

Patrick C.
Riverside, CA
Event Date: October, 2016

The food was delicious and the service was great. The owner is very friendly also. Went to friend's weddings served by his catering service before. Finally had the pleasure talking to him personally at Riverside Lunar fast fund raising banquet.

Roger C.
Riverside, CA
Event Date: Jul, 2016

we had an amazing wedding in Malibu and you were a big part of it. delicious food - we did the 10 courses banquet style with lobster, filet, whole fish and honey walnut shrimp etc. our chinese guests and american guests all loved the food. thank you andrew!

Chris W.
Manhattan, NY
Event Date: Jun, 2016

My husband and I were very lucky to find Grace Catering/Hotel Banquet for our wedding in 2 months ago in San Diego. We met Andrew at the food tasting at his restaurant about a year before the wedding. Andrew is a down to earth, straight forward guy and an expert in his field, and he doesnt mind giving you helpful advices. I cant stand like typical Asians who beat around the bush just to dig into your wallet... but Andrew is just the opposite and I respect him for that.

We had about 240 guest, mostly Vietnamese, so we decided to stick with the traditional sit-down style. Andrew brought his team of servers, chef and their own kitchen, condiments, table cover, water, tea!!! It was AMAZING how they could serve food at great quality and speed. The servers were very professional in their attitude and attire. Food was hot and steamy, we love the lobster, steamed fish, walnut shrimp, cold platter, love it all!! We got a lot of compliments from our guests and they even to-go left overs (we got a few boxes ourselves and still tasted great the next day)...

I remember Andrew kept telling us not to worry he'll take care of everything, he was absolutely right. So trust Andrew, he knows what he's doing and you'll have 1 less thing to stress about on your big day.

Lynn P.
San Diego, CA
Event Date: Jun, 2016

My now husband and I were intensely searching for a catering company that serves good Asian cuisine and we were so thankful we found Andrew! We fell in love with everything at the tasting and agreed after a few courses that Hotel Banquet was what we needed at our wedding. We also met Andrew there and he was just the most pleasant, easy going, and personable guy! He was SO relaxed because he knew he trained his chefs and staff very well. We did most of our transactions over the phone and via email which he responds to very quickly. There were a few things I wanted to change with the menu and Andrew was so incredibly flexible and even gave us a few suggestions which worked out perfectly.

He came to see the venue and meet with our coordinator a few weeks before our wedding and answered all my questions with "Don't worry, I been in this business for many years...I don't want you guys to do anything. My staff will handle it..." which of course made me shart my pants because that answered nothing. But honestly, that is EXACTLY what happened! They even drive through that nasty OC traffic to get to our venue in Rancho Cucamonga just because we needed them there at 3pm! They all worked so efficiently and set up and broke down SO fast I swear it was like I didn't even know they were there.

My husband and I had a sit down, 10 course, Chinese meal. They cooked the food on site so everything was fresh. The manager for the day was Sophia. She was AMAZING to work with. Absolutely the sweetest person ever! She confirmed the schedule with me to make sure everything went smoothly, which it did. The food was nothing less than exquisite. Everyone loved it! Unlike any other bride and groom, my husband and I were NOT going to miss out on our food because we knew how good it was going to be! Everyone raved about the food! They were absolutely NOT stingy with the good stuff. My fried rice was LOADED with shrimp! And everyone had more than their share of everything, even the lobster! The staff even put leftovers in boxes for my husband and I and our guests. There was absolutely no lag time between dishes. It was all timed so perfectly. They provided pitchers of water and coke for our guests that were refilled promptly.

Andrew even came out to make sure things went smoothly! We're so grateful to him and his staff! This was the best decision ever! AND the prices were SO affordable! In comparison to American weddings at 100+ per person where you get like steak and a salad, we got SO much more for SO much less! I definitely recommend Andrew and his team! Thanks for making our day special! -Lisa and Elvis

Lisa P.
Upland, CA
Event Date: Jun, 2016

This review is about the food tasting on May 6, 2016.I was searching for a caterer to do our year end party. 40% of our employees and clients are Asian, so we feel that having Asian style banquet could be a good idea for this year. I found Hotel Banquet on google. I was lucky been able to sign up for the food tasting the last minute. I just signed up in the morning on the food tasting day. Within 2 hours, around noon time, I received a phone call from Andrew and he told me"Don't worry, just come". I was so excited. It took me a little bit time to find the location because I don't read Chinese or Japanese? whatever the characters on the signage outside the facility...

There was a guy greeting guests at the front entrance.

That was Andrew.I personally like his personality a lot. He is very straight forward and provide us the guidelines like bulletin, right at the points, no bullshit, and not pushy. My manager and I loved most of their food. I was amazed by the lobster and fried rice the most. Wow wow wow, such a big portion and it tasted so good. Moreover, beer was provided during the food tasting which was a big plus to me. Thank you, Hotel Banquet and Andrew, for your generous food tasting event and helped us finding the venue as well. We love the venue very much and we got a great deal because of you. Today, after our committee meeting, I would like to inform you that YOU GOT OUR BUSINESS. I will see you on 12-16-16. Again, thank you very much for your hospitality.

Beto R.
Garden Grove
Event Date: May, 2016

Andrew and his team were amazing. From day 1 up until the wedding Andrew was there for us. He helped so much with every question we had regarding what kind of food to get, the venue (Diamond Bar Center), recommendations for vendors (sweetly memorable), and so much more. He was so easy to talk to and work with and he genuinely was happy to help. It was a pleasure and honor to work with Andrew and his staff and and we highly highly recommend them for any and all events! Our guests to this day still talk about how amazing the food and service was! Thank you again Andrew and Hotel Banquet catering!!

Lorenzo Y.
Tustin, CA
Event Date: March, 2016

So honored to give this review (and recommendation) for Andrew and Hotel Banquet Catering. My husband and I started our caterer search last summer and were so happy to find Andrew. Andrew was wonderful from the beginning that we met with him! Such a nice gentleman! He was able to put our mind at ease! Very helpful with suggestion for the menu, and within a week we had scheduled our tasting. The food was plentiful and delicious, and the process was easy and fun. We really can't say enough good things about Andrew.

Admittedly, we had many special requirement for our wedding menu, and Andrew rolled with punches. He made helpful suggestions and gave us a really good price!

Our dinner was very formal, and Andrew and his staff took care of everyone wonderfully. His staffs were amazing, very professional. They dressed impeccably in black and white, very cheerful and helpful to our guests. The food. Only one word described the food at our reception: DELICIOUS! Everyone is still raving about how absolutely delicious the Chinese dinner was.

The most important point in this entire review is that Andrew is simply a wonderful person who genuinely cares that your big day is enjoyable and exactly how you want it. He is the type of person you want to have in your corner because you will always feel cared for and secure that your event will be amazing with Hotel Banquet Catering. I don't give many referrals ever. But, I was so impressed with Andrew's business, attitude and genuine spirit that I'm happy to write this recommendation.

Mandy S.
La Puente, CA
Event Date: January, 2016

"The best wedding meal I've ever had."

"I can't believe they pulled this off!"

"You've spoiled all other wedding dinners for us."

Mission accomplished.

The main priority for our wedding was to serve a memorable meal for our guests. We really wanted a Chinese-style meal but were unsuccessful in locating anyone in Southern California, until we found Andrew.

We had Andrew and his team at Hotel Banquet/Grace Catering handle the food for our wedding this August in Santa Barbara. They totally killed it.

We went with a 10 course meal, served family style, for our 200 person reception. Andrew worked with us to create a menu and serving setup that accommodated the guests and outdoor venue. We were able to strike the right balance between an authentic, delicious Chinese meal (a taste level that my Chinese relatives referred to as "fei chang hao chi") that was also accessible to Western palates (my wife's family being from the midwest).

Andrew also prepared food for cocktail hour that exceeded our expectations.

The Chinese and Chinese-American guests in attendance were in awe at the on-site preparation of the food. I think many of them took more pictures of the actual prep area than the food itself, as the logistics of such an undertaking are truly massive, wedding or not.

All of the guests couldn't stop talking about the food, the presentation, the high level of service that his staff provided.

Our menu consisted of: crab meat + shredded chicken soup, stir fried lobster w/ wine and butter sauce, honey walnut prawns, crab claws with shrimp paste, sauteed string beans w/minced park, peking duck, tea smoked chicken, Andrew style seven vegetables, Andrew style filet mignon, and BBQ pork fried rice.

And, much to the delight of some of our relatives, they provided to-go boxes and bags to take home the leftovers. :)

It's obvious that Andrew is a pro who has done this hundreds of times, if not more. There are obvious concerns from wedding planners/coordinators who need everything planned down to the second 6 months ahead of time, but when Andrew says, "Don't worry about it," he really means it. Andrew is a really great person who now feels like a member of the family.

We really can not recommend him enough.

Andrew H.
Brooklyn, NY
Event Date: October, 2015

Imagine the following scenario: you need to find a caterer who can serve an outstanding Chinese meal for your upcoming 600-guest wedding reception in San Diego. There are no Chinese restaurants in the area capable of seating this many guests, and the only affordable remaining venues lack a formal kitchen. There are also no caterers in the area with the pedigree to handle such a task. Stress levels are high.

After some investigation, you find Grace Catering, based in Orange County. The Yelp reviews pique your interest. You head to their website, finding the testimonials outstanding as expected, but containing some intriguing details about their eccentric leader, Andrew Wang. Who is this man of mystery?

A phone call later, and you're hooked. Andrew feels like a family member who is truly interested in making your event memorable. The size of the 600-person guest list doesn't faze him one bit. The location of the reception-nearly two hours from his base of operations-doesn't even warrant an iota of worry. It is clear his many years in the business have resulted in a supreme confidence that is well earned.

He insists on you and your family coming up for a tasting banquet, even though you've already decided to go with him. The tasting event is over the top, and helps you further customize a menu for the wedding reception. In person, Andrew really does feel like the wise and well-meaning uncle. He more than reassures you everything will go well, and gives helpful advice about some things you may have overlooked. Negotiations go smoothly, and a menu and price are agreed upon.

He makes the requisite site visit to the venue and works smoothly with the museum staff, showcasing his larger-than-life personality and jovial laugh. He lays out a blueprint on where the buffet lines will go to expedite service. He brings gifts for the museum staff and takes you out to lunch afterward. You are put at ease.

The big day arrives and Andrew shows up in person to ensure his "A-team" is all set and ready to go. He has little to do other than chat with you and other guests because his crew is on top of everything. Appetizers come out hot, crispy, and plentiful. The tempura shrimp is to die for! Dinner begins right on time, ushers direct 600 guests table-by-table into 8 efficient service lines, and within 25 minutes, everyone is already eating.

The rest of the evening is filled with multiple compliments about the food, heaping plates of seconds and thirds, succulent Peking Duck, and enough lobster for leftovers. A Chinese chef from New York compliments the meal. A competitor from a previous season of MasterChef calls the buffet "top level." The wedding cake provided is light, delicious, and of course, plentiful.

Local guests are provided take home boxes, and many cart away multiple boxes. No one leaves hungry. Andrew's staff is efficient and courteous, from set-up to final break-down. The event, and the food, are a memorable success.

Two days later, Andrew makes a follow-up phone call. The conversation, like all those throughout the past 6 months, is pleasant and heartwarming, just like he is family. You feel a tinge of nostalgia knowing you won't be speaking with him anymore with the same frequency, but cannot help but smile knowing you've made a friend and memories for life.

Thank you, Andrew, for all your care and reassurance, and for treating us like family and not just another client. You and your staff went over and beyond to make the day special for all of us. May you continue to be a blessing to others in all your future endeavors.

Dale, Sharon, Daniel, and Antoinette Lieu

Daniel Lieu
Air & Space Museum, San Diego
Event Date: August, 2015

Andrew and Hotel Banquet catered our wedding in Malibu on 6/27/2015. It was really special, and I received a lot of compliments afterwards for the food, which was served banquet-style in 10 courses. There was no issue with it being 'family-style' vs. plated, and people commented that they were happy it was served like that as it was still piping hot and delicious, much more so than 'wedding steak' that is always mediocre.

Some guests even were worried a bit that we spent too much money on food, but we actually saved money, especially when compared to western-style plated meals. Couldn't have been happier with the food.

The portions were incredibly generous, I had some friends who said they were full way too early, they didn't even realize they got to eat everything. They thought they had to pick one or two. But as the 10 courses rolled out, ranging from honey walnut prawn to peking duck, chopped filet mignon to garlic lobster stir fry to a whole steamed red snapper, many friends told me they hadn't eaten that well in a long time. At the end they even supplied to-go containers. Now, usually that sounds.. not so great at a wedding, but the mood was so festive and everyone so happy eating that it was more like, 'of course there are to-go boxes!' and everyone had a great time.

My only regret is, as the groom, I didn't get to eat much. I'm planning on visiting Andrew's restaurant back when I'm in California to get another taste :)

Andrew if you're reading this, I'm coming soon! Hahaha this place is great!

Brian L.
New York, NY
Event Date: August 2015

My wife and I got married this summer in a small university in Aliso Viejo. We searched all over Orange County for a restaurant to host a Chinese-style reception banquet. All the restaurants we found, however, either didn't have the right ambiance, were too expensive, or simply too far away from our ceremony venue. Eventually, we realized that catering was the way to go, and Hotel Banquet definitely proved to be a smart choice for us.

Andrew and his staff were detail-oriented and personally went to inspect the reception hall at the university 2 weeks prior to our big day. They did a thorough walk-through and checked the space to consider everything, including: ease of setup, sufficient storage for hot/cold foods and water, ease of guest access, aesthetics, cleanup and disposal. Without needing us to intervene, Andrew would contact and coordinate with our wedding and site coordinators as much as possible to take care of things on our behalf and reduce our stress :) The serving staff were courteous, friendly and also very attentive to us--especially during the actual wedding night, which we really appreciated given how hectic the rest of the day goes.

Because we were hosting the reception on university grounds, there were extra restrictions--such as no open flames, limited access to water for food preparation, and stricter cleanliness rules. The catering staff worked around all these extra hurdles with no problem.

Good quality food
We loved how there was a wide variety of food items to choose from--including Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, at very reasonable prices. My wife and I were a bit antsy to eat much, but our guests enjoyed the food. From what we ate, it was very tasty and comparable to Asian buffet restaurants.

Hotel Catering is definely very generous with their food. Not only do they serve lots of each item of food that's ordered, they also prepare togo boxes so that guests can take any leftovers and nothing needs to go to waste. Even before our wedding day, we experienced the generosity because we were invited for a free taste testing session. It was a lavish banquet with a wide selection of tasty, high-quality food.

If we can give 6 stars, we definitely would. In short, we'd recommend Hotel Banquet to anyone looking for a quality Asian food cater!

Hope this helps :D

John P.
Santa Monica, CA
Event Date: July 2015

If I could give Andrew 10 stars, I would! My now-husband and I just got married September 5th at the Castle Green in Pasadena. We had 100 guests, and Andrew of Hotel Banquet/Grace Catering provided the food for our cocktail hour and Chinese banquet. If you are Chinese, you know how critical your family members can be about food. I mean, they will let you know if the soup isn't hot enough, the quantity not sufficient, the taste too salty, or whatever. So the most mindblowing thing to me was that there was not one criticism from my Chinese family and in contrast all we have heard from ALL of our guests is about how terrific the food was, how smoothly the banquet was run, how delicious each and every course was. My husband is not Chinese and I was initially a little worried that his family from the midwest might not enjoy the dinner as much, but I really had nothing to worry about. Even the picky kids seemed to thoroughly enjoy the tastes and the experience of the banquet. On our family-style menu was lo bster with garlic sauce, honey walnut shrimp, filet mignon, steamed whole fish, abalone and sea cucumber soup, and more . Good food is such a big part of the wedding, as is fine service and of course, a vendor who lets you feel confident that everything will run smoothly and all will be well. Uncle Andrew, as I have come to know him over many months of wedding planning, is the best vendor decision you can make. I'm so glad we didn't have boring wedding food and went for the Chinese banquet cooked on-site. It was an enormous hit!!! Andrew is a true professional as a caterer and is very experienced, so listen up when he gives you advice about how to pull off your event! He also happens to be a hilarious and kind human being with a big heart. I can't thank Andrew enough for helping us to create the classy, fun, unique and memorable celebration that we wanted. Soooooo glad we chose him, and would do it all over again if we could, no question! I hope one of my single friends uses him in the future so I can enjoy his banquet food one more time! Thank you, Uncle Andrew!!!!!!!!

L S.
Los Angeles, CA
Event Date: October 2015

2015Andrew is an amazing guy. From the first time we met him to the day of our wedding, Andrew was on top of everything. We came across Andrew's food at my friend's wedding. My wife and I knew we had to use him.

Our 10-course wedding meal was a big hit with everyone in attendance. It's hard to find quality AND quantity. Andrew manage to do both with ease. The food came out piping hot and service was prompt. We were able to customize our menu selections since we were having a Chinese/Korean wedding. People tore it up!

We also ordered appetizers for the cocktail hour. We're so glad we did; the shrimp tempura is still lingering in my thoughts. It was quite the treat after the ceremony.

My wife and I really enjoyed Andrew's words of wisdom on marriage and also his company. If you're looking for a 10-course wedding banquet feast then give Andrew a call. You won't regret it.

Alex C.
Los Angeles, CA
Event Date: January 2015

We have our wedding on August 22, 2015, very good portion of foods n good taste. The guest enjoy the foods. Andrew is very helpful n very easy to talk to as he has many years of experience of this . Good to go with him n I highly recommend him ...

Jessie L.
San Gabriel, CA
Event Date: August, 2015