Food Tasting
Menu - Buffet Style

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Chinese Food - Buffet

  1. 金福乳豬大拼盤
    Chinese B.B.Q Baby Pig Cold Cuts Platter
  2. 法國黑椒牛油龍蝦
    Stir Fried Lobster with French Butter Sauce & Black Pepper
  3. 海參碧綠鮑片
    Braised Sea Cucumber & Abalone
  4. 生魚片, 壽司, 加卅壽司捲大拼盤
    Sashimi with Sushi & Sushi Rolls Combination Platter
  5. 苳菇, 新鮮白菇, 中國芥蘭冷盤
    Black & White Mushrooms with Chinese Broccoli Cold Platter
  6. 恩典大拼盤
    Grace Cold Cuts Platter
  7. 椒鹽螃蟹
    Salt & Pepper with Blue Crabs
  8. 紅燒全魚
    Braised Whole Fish with Brown Sauce
  9. 八珍扒鴨
    Braised Duck meat with Veggies & Abalone
  10. 三鮮燴豬肉, 魚肉獅子頭 (豬肉,魚肉獅子頭, 海參, 鮮魷魚, 山東白, 海謄)
    Pork Meat Ball with Napa Cabbage & Squid, Sea Cucumber, Green Mussel
  11. 富人炒飯
    Richman Fried Rice
  12. 琵琶土雞
    House Baked Chicken
*You may customize your own wedding catering menu.